News - January 01, 2024

The crypto world reaches a new milestone!

In a world where financial markets are breaking new ground, such as the recent
approval of Bitcoin ETFs, we at Brightpoint are working on our own innovations
to expand the possibilities in the field of digital securities and asset tokenization.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the listing of
Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), that track the performance of Bitcoin.
This step is considered a milestone for the crypto world and legitimizes
cryptocurrencies as an asset class. The approved Bitcoin ETFs can already be
traded shortly be traded shortly after the announcement.

The SEC's decision comes after years of waiting and rejected applications. This time applications from various providers, including Blackrock, were approved. The ETF enables investors to invest directly in Bitcoin without having to buy the cryptocurrency itself. This is considered a safer and more straightforward option, especially for institutional and retail investors. and retail investors.

The ETF approval could bring new money from professional investors into the crypto world and influence the price of Bitcoin. The ETF physically tracks the price performance of Bitcoin, unlike contrast to earlier futures ETFs. This could cause the price of Bitcoin to rise in the long term, especially if investors shift their positions into the new spot ETF.

Providers are already competing for lower fees, and the ETF approval could usher in a usher in a new era for the crypto world. Despite optimistic long-term forecasts, some experts warn of short-term volatility, as investors could realize profits.

There will be no Bitcoin ETF in Germany, as the regulations for ETFs are different here. Nevertheless, German investors can participate in the performance of Bitcoin via crypto exchanges or other financial products Bitcoin's performance via crypto exchanges or other financial products, albeit without the protection of an ETF against issuer risk.

More details will follow, but the future promises to be exciting! 

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