News - May 14

Sustainable and responsible conduct at the level of Brightpoint Fund Services

The path to sustainability is uncomfortable, but it is as urgent as it is important. We are convinced to avoid harmful behavior and to advocate positive impacts wherever possible.


In our daily office routine, we generally pay attention to environmentally friendly behavior (lighting, electricity consumption, water consumption). 

  • We have a travel policy with extensive avoidance of flights and car trips:  

    Whenever possible, our employees travel by train to out-of-town business appointments and conferences, etc. We also largely avoid all domestic travel. We also largely avoid all domestic flights. In addition, we have company accounts for shared car services so that we can avoid cab journeys wherever possible within the main major cities, provided that there are sufficient options for travel.

  • We promote commutation to work by public transportation:  

    All employees are provided with tickets for public transport. In this way, we avoid the daily journey to work by car. In the future, when selecting offices, attention will be paid to the provision of bicycle parking spaces. No new company car contracts will be promoted. Our mobility policy will be continually developed in line with requirements (Bike Leasing).

  • We work paperless: 

    At Brightpoint, we work largely paperless in all areas. Whether invoices, notes, vacation management or documents for meetings and presentations - all documents are digital. Unnecessary printouts are always avoided. The use of e-signature platforms eliminates the need to send documents by mail. A clause for the use of e-signatures has been introduced in fund contracts.

  • We take care of the small things in everyday life that save resources: 

    Instead of PET bottles, we use a water dispenser connected to the tap water, rely on reusable glass bottles for drinks, and a capsule-free coffee machine. Our soaps are free of microplastics and new mobile devices are ordered exclusively via secondary market platforms such as "refurbed" or "backmarket".

  • Members of Leaders for Climate Action 

    Our goal: to remain climate-neutral and maintain a sustainable planet. To do this, we are guided by the Leaders for Climate Action(LFCA) Green Pledge. We are proud member of LFCA, a coalition of startups and funds working together to use their influence and network to make a difference in the fight against climate change anf for a sustainable world. Profound change always starts with ourselves: To gain awareness of the consequences of our actions, each leader commits to measuring, offsetting and reducing their own CO2 emissions wherever possible. In addition, as part of our business model, we also participate in other actions and training measures of the LFCA and have appointed a colleague as Climate Officer.

  • Measuring our impact 

    Because every action counts, we take responsibility for calculating our environmental impact. We work with one of the world´s leading carbon offset providers to measure and offset our total environmental impact each year using internationally recognizes parameters. We have also set ourselves the goal of making the environmental impact of our service transparent. An internal project team has been set up for this purpose.


Our employees are the cornerstone of our company's success. They represent our company to customers and other stakeholders. We value their trust in us as an employer and treat them as equals.


  • Fair, responsible and sustainable conduct is one of the top management principles of our company.

  • In our business model, transparent compliance with all legal and organizational governance is a top priority to protect our customers, investors and all stakeholders.