Maren Eckloff-Böhme
CEO, Managing Partner & Founder
Maren is the CEO, Managing Partner and Founder of Brightpoint Group. Former CFO & Operating Partner at VC firm Maren is experienced in the set-up and administration of funds in different jurisdiction. She has a broad start-up background through prior positions at eGroups Europe and AOL Bertelsmann Online. A banker by education, Maren started her career in banking at Vereins- and Westbank AG.
Mario Oelkers
President, Managing Partner & Founder
Mario is the Founder and Managing Partner of Brightpoint Group. A former associate of and entrepreneur, Mario´s key expertise lies in business development, raising capital and due diligence. He gained a profound corporate background in various industries before moving into alternative investments. Mario studied at a top-tier business school in Netherlands and holds a degree in business economics from the University of Hamburg.
Marvin Andrä
Managing Director Luxembourg
Marvin is Managing Director of the Brightpoint Group and Managing Director of Brightpoint Luxembourg. As a proven financial expert for VC / PE, Marvin knows all the special features of investment funds very well. Most recently, he was Managing Partner at the venture capitalist Hanse Ventures. Previously he was on advisory boards of various European technology companies as well as CEO of the listed Capital One AG. He likes to look back on his time as an investment manager at the renowned High-Tech Gründerfonds. Marvin started his founding career at the age of 18 and has received several awards. After studying in Hamburg and Boston, Marvin qualified as a Certified Private Equity Analyst at the Technical University of Munich.
Oliver Brinks
Morad El Mardi
Marvin Feldmann
Matthias Schmidt
David Correnz
Daniel Danielsson
Jonas Lüdemann
Dinara Utarova
Malte Koch
Jessica Sülz
Quynh Thu Dinh Thi
Jacqueline Einspanier
Hendrik Franz
Philipp Wylezich
Patrick Perez
Milena Cabitza
Lennart Brand
Lukas Hofmann
Michael Lerch, LL.M.
Nicolai Stefl
Nadja Neftel
Pia Schleder
Christian Dewald
Sebastian Schmitt
Jana Eckloff-Beck
Sigrid Leitzmann
Christine Juliane Krohn
Elena Villa Bokov
Bernita Petrowsky
Kathrin Martens
Carlos Boero
Fabian Beyer
Leonie Strauss
Tim Kröger
Antonella Gerber
Vincent Hachmann
Joschua Flemming Baehr
Tristan Strecker
Alessa Zimmermann
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