Maren Eckloff-Böhme
CEO, Managing Partner & Founder
Maren is the CEO, Managing Partner and Founder of Brightpoint Group. Former CFO & Operating Partner at VC firm Maren is experienced in the set-up and administration of funds in different jurisdiction. She has a broad start-up background through prior positions at eGroups Europe and AOL Bertelsmann Online. A banker by education, Maren started her career in banking at Vereins- and Westbank AG.
Mario Oelkers
President, Managing Partner & Founder
Mario is the Founder and Managing Partner of Brightpoint Group. A former associate of and entrepreneur, Mario´s key expertise lies in business development, raising capital and due diligence. He gained a profound corporate background in various industries before moving into alternative investments. Mario studied at a top-tier business school in Netherlands and holds a degree in business economics from the University of Hamburg.
Marvin Andrä
Managing Director Luxembourg
Marvin is Managing Director of the Brightpoint Group and Managing Director of Brightpoint Luxembourg. As a proven financial expert for VC / PE, Marvin knows all the special features of investment funds very well. Most recently, he was Managing Partner at the venture capitalist Hanse Ventures. Previously he was on advisory boards of various European technology companies as well as CEO of the listed Capital One AG. He likes to look back on his time as an investment manager at the renowned High-Tech Gründerfonds. Marvin started his founding career at the age of 18 and has received several awards. After studying in Hamburg and Boston, Marvin qualified as a Certified Private Equity Analyst at the Technical University of Munich.
Daniel Schiffers
Head of Accounting
As our Head of Accounting, Daniel is responsible for all accounting and tax law issues at Brightpoint. He is passionate about the digitalization of these areas. Daniel has several years of experience in auditing and tax advisory and holds a Master of Laws in Taxation.
Morad El Mardi
Client Relations Director
David Luksenburg
Managing Director
David is Managing Director of Brightpoint Luxembourg and IRE AIFM Luxembourg. As an entrepreneur and former manager of ING Privat Capital Management S.A., David's key expertise lies in business development and fund management. Before moving into the field of alternative investments, he gained in-depth experience in various industries. David has studied at a first-class business school in France, Singapore and Belgium and holds an MBA from INSEAD .
Marvin Feldmann
Managing Director Brightpoint tax
Marvin is founder and managing partner of Brightpoint tax GmbH. As a partner in a large German tax consulting firm, Marvin is an expert in venture capital and private equity and advises on structural and ongoing tax issues.Marvin holds a tax consultant exam and a degree in business administration from the University of Hamburg.
Matthias Schmidt
Senior Director Fund Operations
Matthias has been Head of Fund Operations at Brightpoint since July 2021. Previously, he gained over 19 years of extensive experience in the field of alternative investments at a large listed Hamburg-based asset and investment manager. In a leading position, Matthias was responsible for the fund management as well as the trust company. He is therefore very familiar with the needs of both fund managers and investors. Matthias holds a degree in economics.
Eleonora Sokolarski
Director Fund Operations
Eleonora is a multicultural professional with 13-years of executive experience in the insurance industry. Previous roles included board and management director positions in 3 counties and senior level investment management, finance, strategy and business development. After Eleonora moved to Austria she received advanced degrees at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien and CFA. After stints at PwC and Generali Group she started a career as an independent investment and corporate finance advisor.
Maike Haase
Director Fund Operations
Maike joined Brightpoint in April 2020 as our Director of Fund Operations, she coordinates and oversees our various engagements and lead our growing fund operations team. Maike has several years of experience in financial management, fund structuring and investor relations and can rely on a large network in the industry. She holds a diploma (Dipl.-Kfr.) in business economics as well as an M.Sc. in European studies.
Sebastian Rust
Senior Manager
Sebastian joined the Brightpoint Group in (late) 2019 as a senior manager and works with our clients on all fund managment topics. He specializes on capital accounts and waterfall calculations. Prior to his current position, he gained different work experiences as a tax aissistant with focus on fund tax advisory. Sebastian holds a Master of Laws degree with specialization in taxation.
Ismail Cem Özbas
Manager Fund Operations
Saskia Schmalz
Manager Fund Operations
Saskia joined the Brightpoint Group in October 2021 as Manager of the Fund Operations Team. She originally comes from the real estate sector, where she completed her master's degree as a real estate manager with a focus on portfolio management in Holzminden in 2015. She gained her first professional experience in controlling at two large capital management companies for real estate funds in Hamburg.
Markus Thamm
Manager Fund Operations
Markus supports the Brightpoint Group since June 2020 as a Manager from the Fund Operations Team, with experience in several alternative asset classes. Subsequent to his Master in Finance and Real Estate (UK) he worked as a fund manager for real assets for a Hanseatic Asset and Investment Manager. Hence, he brings in a deep understanding of the needs of our clients to ideally represent their interest.
Jan Tarnaske
Jan has been a part of the Operations Team at Brighpoint since March 2018. He assists our clients in their day-to-day work and ad-hoc financial queries. He holds a bachelor’s degree with focus on finance and is completing a dual master´s degree at HSBA in Hamburg. Previously, he spent time abroad and trained as an industrial clerk.
Eduard Befus
Eduard joined Brightpoint in (late) 2019 and works as an associate in the Finance-Team. Primarily tasked with the day-to-day administration of several pooled investment vehicles and feeder funds, he also assists other fund managers in creating financial reports. Before embarking on his venture capital journey, Eduard gained experience in regulatory reporting when working for a management consulting firm in Stuttgart. He graduated with a M.Sc. in Financial Management from Swansea University in 2017.
Giuliano Notaroverto
Giuliano joined Atdomco SARL in June 2019, a fiduciary and advisory firm focused on providing hands-on advice and tailor-made services to its customers. He is involved in the setup and on-going administration of private equity and venture capital structures. He gained experience in alternative investments while working for an AIFM supervised by the Luxembourg Financial Services Authority. He acts as independent director for venture capital and private equity funds and holds a master degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Luxembourg.
Fabian Behnke-Schoos
Senior Compliance Manager
Fabian has been working in the areas of compliance and AML prevention since 2014. At Brightpoint, he supports our clients in all fund compliance topics and is responsible for the implementation of a compliance process management and the further development of AML prevention measures. Prior to Brightpoint, Fabian worked for various internationally active banks and several fintechs. Fabian is also a certified "Compliance Officer (IHK)" since 2021.
Nicolai Stefl
Manager Fund Compliance
Nicolai joined the Brightpoint Group in October 2020 and deals with various compliance and operations topics at Brightpoint Group. Before that, he gained experience in the real estate development and sales in Munich and Hamburg.
Pia Schleder
Managing Director
Pia has been an integral part of the Brightpoint tax GmbH team since its foundation. After her training as a tax assistant, she studied law at the University of Regensburg. After her second state examination, Pia worked for various medium-sized tax consultants in Southern Germany as well as in the private sector from 2003 to 2009. She was appointed as a tax consultant at the beginning of 2007. In addition to classic declaration advice, her main areas of practice are wages and salaries, private equity and high net worth individuals.
Christian Dewald
Senior Manager
Christian has been an integral part of the Brightpoint tax GmbH team since its foundation. He graduated in tax law/taxation at the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University and worked as a tax assistant from 2012 to 2019 and was appointed as a tax advisor in 2019.
Sebastian Schmitt
Marketing & PR Manager
Sebastian joined Brightpoint in January 2019 and is responsible to build up marketing & pr at Brightpoint. He deals with all communications inside and outside of our company and is the creative head. Sebastian holds a bachelor´s degree in business economics & economic psychology with a major in marketing.
Jana Eckloff-Beck
HR Manager
Jana supports the Brightpoint-Team since 2017 in various compliance topics. She is also responsible for our HR-department and is the first contact for applicants. Prior to joining Brightpoint she pursued her career as a receptionist and in other positions in the hospitality industry following an apprenticeship in hotel management.
Sigrid Leitzmann
Independent Talent & Recruiting Manager
Dinara Utarova
Dinara joined Brightpoint in the fall of 2018 and supports the Operations Team. As a fund administrator, she is the contact person for our customers and is involved in the expansion of the company business intelligence capabilities. She holds a B.Sc. in Finance and is currently pursuing a dual Master´s degree in Business Development at HSBA. Prior to joining Brightpoint, Dinara worked as a Business Controller for a number of start-ups in both Silicon Valley and Moscow.
Malte Koch
Malte joined Brightpoint Group as an associate in April 2021. Previously, he worked in a management consultancy in the area of turn-around and restructuring. After studying economics at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena with a semester in Shanghai and Hamburg, Malte remained in the Hanseatic city. During his studies, he gained experience in asset management, bank controlling and in Hamburg's start-up scene.
Karsten Sellhorn
Senior Financial Accountant
Karsten has been part of the accounting team at Brightpoint since February 2021 and works with all accounting and tax related topics. He studied law in Hamburg and completed an apprenticeship as a tax clerk. Previously he worked as accountant at a subsidiary of the University of Hamburg.
Daria Kolik
Financial Accountant
Daria joined Brightpoint in the summer of 2020 as part of the Accounting team, assisting with all accounting and tax related topics. She studied business administration in New York with a focus on finance and investment and worked previously as accountant at a real estate- and private equity fund, as well as in the investor relations area.
Jessica Sülz
Senior Analyst
Jessica joined the Brightpoint Group in August 2020 and supports the Operations-Team. She is primarily tasked with supporting our clients in their daily operations as well as assisting other fund managers in creating financial reports. She graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration and is currently pursuing a dual Master´s degree in Business Development at HSBA. Prior to joining the Brightpoint Group, Jessica gained experience in the hospitality and shipping industry.
Jan Phillip Putscher
Senior Analyst
Jan Phillip joined the Brightpoint Group in October 2021 and supports the Finance-Team. He is primarily entrusted with the day-to-day administration of funds and supports our fund managers in the preparation of financial reports. He graduated with a dual BSc. in Business Administration and is currently pursuing a dual Master´s degree in Business Development at HSBA. Prior to joining the Brightpoint Group, Jan Phillip gained experience in the food industry and auditing.
Fabian Beyer
Investment Analyst Accountant
Fabian joined Brightpoint Group in October 2021 as an Investment Analyst. After his training as an insurance specialist, he gained several years of important professional experience in this field and completed his financial investment specialist in 2021. Fabian is currently completing his dual Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the HSBA.
Leonie Strauss
Leonie joined Brightpoint Group in September 2021 and supports the compliance team in general topics related to AML prevention and fund regulatory tasks. She is currently completing a dual Bachelor of Science degree at the Hamburg School of Business Administration.
Lukas Hofmann
Lukas joined the Brightpoint Group in August 2020 and supports our Accounting-Team. He is primarily tasked with general bookkeeping and taxes. To complete his Bachelor of Since, Lukas is currently pursuing a dual course of study at the Hamburg School of Business Administration.
Alessa Zimmermann
Office Manager & Executive Assistant
Alessa manages the Brightpoint office in Hamburg. She previously worked as a receptionist in the hospitality industry and gained international experience in the United States. Alessa started her career with an apprenticeship in hotel management.
Jessica Riedel
Office Manager & Executive Assistant
Jessica, as Office Manager, takes care of everything in the Hamburg office. In addition, as Executive Assistant, she is responsible for the appointment management of the management, among other things. She has several years of experience as Assistant to CEO in an internationally oriented management consultancy, previously worked for many years in a fund trust and is a trained banker.